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Uncanny Valley: A collection of short stories

Author(s): S. Mickey Lin
ISBN: 978 981 4771 12 2

Questions of identity and humanity galvanise the twelve stories in this provocative and eclectic collection by S. Mickey Lin, and original new voice in speculative fiction. Using a wide range of characters, from the construction worker to the professor to the badminton start, the multi-layered stories explore identity and various aspects of the human psyche. Uncanny Valley will gnaw on the corners of your mind and challenge your ideas on society and what it means to be human.

This book is available here

Bake & Celebrate

Author(s): Various
ISBN: 978 981 4771 68 9

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked goods wafting from the kitchen. Bake & Celebrate: Cookies and Treats is a collection of 42 recipes for irresistible cookies and treats lovingly contributed by selected top food and lifestyle bloggers and instagrammers from Singapore and the region.

With recipes for festive favourites such as kueh bangkit, almond cookies and pineapple tarts, and treats with new and innovative flavours like matcha, salted egg yolk and nasi lemak, you will never run out of ideas for what to bake again!

Complete with personal anecdotes, insightful tips and beautiful photos taken by the contributors, this cookbook will inspire seasoned bakers and guide baking novices. Bake and celebrate with a cookie or treat today!

This book is available here

Game of Thoughts: Understanding creativity through mind games

Author(s): Ning Cai and John Teo
ISBN: 978 981 4771 18 4

What is creativity? Must you be born with it or can it be learnt? How can creativity help you solve problems, generate ideas, and achieve success in life?

Welcome to the Game of Thoughts — where creativity is brought to life through a series of fascinating, mind-expanding games and activities.

Learn how to unleash the creative you, and apply a wealth of techniques to turn any kind of adversity into opportunity.

Packed with brain teasers, puzzles, conundrums, thought experiments and writing exercises, this one-of-a-kind book will expand your mind, change the way you see things, and turn all your preconceptions of the world upside-down!

This book is available here

Happy Practice Primary Chinese 3A

Author(s): Shi Bin
ISBN: 9789814684408 (3A)

Happy Practice is one of the top-selling series in major bookstores. These books are written based on the latest Chinese textbook for Primary 1 (2015), Primary 2 (2016) and Primary 3 (2017) by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It is an enrichment series that enhances the learning of the Chinese language.

  • Contains 10 practices (1A & 2A) / 9 practices (1B, 2B & 3A) which correspond to the chapters in the textbook, and revision exercises to consolidate pupils' learning.
  • The learning objectives of each practice are stated clearly and used to develop the questions to help pupils master the skills needed for exams.
  • Additional elements such as rubrics and table listing the terms of strokes, radical and components of Chinese characters are included to enhance pupils' understanding of Chinese characters

This series is available at all major bookstores.

Comprehension: Strategies for Excellence (Revised Edition)

Author(s): Mervyn Blake
9789810197254 (Secondary 1)
9789810197247 (Secondary 2)
9789810197230 (Secondary 3)
9789810196103 (Secondary 4)

Students can develop their competencies in understanding visual, narrative and non-narrative passages as well as summary writing skills through a wide range of reading and answering strategies with this book. Containing 10 papers to provide ample practice, students will find Comprehension: Strategies for Excellence a suitable tool to revise and prepare for the examinations.

The following sections have been designed to address specific areas in English comprehension:
  • Strategies Section teaches reading strategies explicitly so that students know what they are expected to do when reading. Activities are provided so students can apply what they have learnt immediately.
  • Practice Papers provide students with adequate practice on various strategies in order to develop their competency as well as confidence.
  • Test Papers give students a chance to gauge their level of ability in a test setting.
  • Progress Section allows students to record and chart their progress.
  • Suggested answers and rubrics are provided for all sections.

This series is available at all major bookstores.

Companion Guide to Social Studies Secondary 3

Author(s): Arasumani Retnasamy
ISBN: 9789814684224

Designed to prepare students for the 'O' Level examination, this companion guide to Social Studies outlines the key differences to the new (2016) MOE syllabus. Students can use this guide to revisit the concepts they have learned and attempt the practices aligned to the latest examination format.

  • Detailed explanation of latest change to the new Social Studies syllabus
  • Concise revision notes and Content Knowledge Review reinforce conceptual understanding
  • Guided worked examples and tips to tackling the new Structured-Response Question (SRQ)
  • Chapter Mindmaps summarise learning objectives in a glance
  • Hone inference skills with Source-Based Case Study practice
  • Suggested Answers offer in-depth solutions structured according to Levels of Response Mark Scheme (LORMS)
  • Mock examination paper provides simulated practice

This series is available at all major bookstores.