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Brand Singapore

Author(s): Koh Buck Song
ISBN: 978 981 4779 24 1

Reputation is precious. Top talent and hot money gravitate only to the most attractive, respected nations. For a country as small and as young as Singapore, its brand is its most valuable asset, as seen from its stunning ascent from Third World to First World in just thirty years, spearheaded by a concerted, closely-coordinated programme of nation branding. How did Singapore create this country brand, cultivate and guard it, sell it to its "shareholders", and make it known to the world? And how will Singapore build on its brand now, with the passing of its influential first Prime Minister, and in a global context marked by new forces of protectionism and divisiveness? This second edition of Brand Singapore offers an illuminating inside look at – and candid critique of – a country brand that is as rich in resource as it is potent with promise.

This book is available here

Manek Mischiefs: Of Patriarchs, Playboys and Paramours

Author(s): Lee Su Kim
ISBN: 978 981 4771 78 8

After Kebaya Tales and Sarong Secrets comes a rich, gutsy collection of short stories immersing the reader into the vivid, multi-hued world of the Peranakans. Here, the Babas take centre stage: masculine perspectives, voices and protagonists are put under the spotlight, even as fiery and headstrong heroines pursue their passions in the face of powerful obstacles. The cast of characters seek to forge individual identities within a unique cultural heritage facing the challenges of modern times. The stories are accented with photographs peppered throughout – of exquisite beadwork, bejewelled adornments, vintage fabrics, gilded artefacts from private collections, personal belongings of the Babas, and of course, twinkling, manek-encrusted accessories. Each story glimmers like a tiny ball of coloured glass on a pair of beaded slippers, beautifully wrought and fashioned by a master.

This book is available here

Chefs Collective: Recipes, Tips and Secrets From 50 of the World's Greatest Chefs

Author(s): Various, compiled by Michelle Tchea
ISBN: 978 981 4771 92 4

All around the world, Asian chefs are making their mark in the culinary arena with their innovative menus and forward-looking dishes. Chefs Collective is an exciting collection of recipes from fifty rising and renowned Asian chefs, carefully curated by author and food and travel professional, Michelle Tchea. With a vibrant selection of signature recipes from award-winning chefs, this book provides an unprecedented insight into the cooking philosophies and must-have tips of these stars of the culinary world. Discover the secrets to the successes of these chefs and learn more about what drives them to achieve greater heights in their culinary journeys in Chefs Collective.

Book 3 is available here

Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd Edition)

Author(s): Marshall Cavendish Education Editorial Team
ISBN: 9789814741651

Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd Edition) is written based on Ministry of Education, Singapore latest syllabus (2015) and specially created for lower primary pupils as a reference book to learn the Chinese language in a fun way.
  • Inclusive of vocabulary from the latest 2015 Chinese Language Textbook for Primary Schools
  • Contextualised learning of vocabulary from 78 familiar daily-life settings
  • About 1000 commonly used nouns with linking of appropriate measure words, collective nouns and verbs to extend learning
  • Accompanying mobile application (Android & iOs platforms) makes learning intuitive – listening to audio playbacks and learning verbs through animation
  • Corresponding Hanyu Pinyin and English translation for all nouns featured
  • English-Chinese index provided at the end of the book

This book is available at all major bookstores.

Science PSLE Revision & Examination Papers (4th Edition)

Author(s): Teo-Gwan Wai Lan
ISBN: 9789814684392


This book is designed to help pupils apply their knowledge of Science concepts, as well as skills and processes, to examination-type questions in preparation for the PSLE.

It builds pupils' examination confidence by explaining the strategies for answering Science questions and offering ample practice through the Revision and Examination papers.

The Revision and Examination papers are perforated and the Optical Answer Sheets are provided to simulate actual examination conditions.

This book is available at all major bookstores.

Companion Guide to Social Studies

Author(s): Arasumani Retnasamy
9789814684224 (Secondary 3)
9789814684231 (Secondary 4) – New


Designed to prepare students for the 'O' Level examination, this companion guide to Social Studies outlines the key differences to the new (2016) MOE syllabus. Students can use this guide to revisit the concepts they have learned and attempt the practices aligned to the latest examination format.

Features of this series include:
  • Detailed explanation of latest change to the new Social Studies syllabus
  • Concise revision notes and Content Knowledge Review reinforce conceptual understanding
  • Guided worked examples and Tips to tackling the new Structured-Response Question (SRQ)
  • Chapter Mindmaps summarise learning objectives in a glance
  • Hone inference skills with Source-Based Case Study practice
  • Suggested Answers offer in-depth solutions structured according to Levels of Response Mark Scheme (LORMS)
  • Mock examination paper provides simulated practice

Companion Guide to Social Studies (Secondary 4) is new and will be available at all major bookstores by June 2017.